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A Texas state trooper who agreed to a photo with rapper Snoop Dogg at Austin's South by Southwest music festival has been reprimanded, his bosses confirm.

The crazy part? It was Snoop who asked for, and posted, the picture:

Snoop Dogg, State Tropper

Unlike 2 Chainz posing with cops who where the ones looking to hang out after he'd just been arrested, Snoop simply wanted a pic with his "deputy dog."

Seriously. Why, we have no idea ... but can you really blame Snoop?!

Regardless, the state police brass felt he should not have been posing with a "public figure with a criminal background" in this capacity, and issued a citation.

Billy Spears, who was working security at SXSW, was cited for deficiencies that required counseling by a supervisor. He cannot appeal the decision.

State public safety officials said posing with the rapper "reflects poorly on the agency," according to documents made public Wednesday, NBC News reported.

Spears' attorney says he wasn't aware the rapper has a criminal record (for drug possession) and alleged that this was a case of personal payback.

Clevenger claimed the order was retaliation for Spears reporting misconduct in 2014 by an officer at another Texas law enforcement agency, NBC reported.

A department spokesman said the agency doesn't typically discuss or release details of personnel issues unless they result in disciplinary action.

The Spears case, apparently, fell slightly short of that classification.

In any event, we're sure when Snoop hears about this, he's gonna make it right with a dope ass gift for Billy, because that's just how the Dogg rolls.

And it could be worse for Spears. He could be these people ...

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The End.

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