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It is not May Sweep. It is not yet finale time.

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And yet Scandal Season 4 Episode 19 delivered one of the most shocking deaths we've seen on television in ages.

It makes us sad to even type, but here goes: JAKE BALLARD IS DEAD.

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At least we assume Jake Ballard is dead, considering how many times he got stabbed.

This stunning installment opened with Rowan telling Olivia to handle a small headache: the fact that he’s being targeted by David Rosen.

But she remained fully supportive of David’s mission, forging ahead against her father and even receiving (condescending) praise from him for being a worthy opponent.

Rowan made it clear there will be blood, however, and Jake ended up the one who spilled it.. at the hands of Russell, who turned out to be a B613 plant.

He stabbed Jake many, many, MANY times, leaving the jaws of fans around the country on the floor.

Is Jake really dead?!? This is what Scott Foley Tweeted after the episode ended:

"So, there it is. Thank you Twitter for tonight and all of the Thursday nights. It's such an honor. #Scandal."

Seems that way, huh? Go watch Scandal online to see how it all went down.

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This is all we'll be thinking about as we head into Scandal Season 4 Episode 20, but in other storylines from Thursday night:

  • Now it makes sense when Russell didn't freak out over "losing time," huh?

  • The White House was anxious to pass the Brandon Bill (named after the kid shot by a police officer a few episodes back), but the Vice President was needed to break a tie, which caused Fitz to make some concessions to her.

  • Mellie announced her run for the Senate.

  • The Case of the Week centered on activist Marcus Walker. He’s running for Mayor but he missed his mistress being killed in her bedroom by some assassins.

  • After learned that the current mayor ordered the hit and attempted to frame Marcus for it, Olivia leveraged him to step down and endorse his rival.

  • However, Marcus chose justice over his career path and instead told everything at the press conference, resulting in the mayor’s arrest and his own poisoned political career.

  • Wait... is Jake really dead?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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