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In the course of a few weeks, Zayn Malik’s entire personal and professional life has undergone a massive overhaul thanks to his abrupt exit from One Direction.

And mentor Simon Cowell told press that he’s excited to see what the “Kiss You” singer does next, though he should first take a breather from everything that’s been going on. He explained, “Look, he’s got to get his head together a little bit. He needs time eon his own, as he said, to be a normal 22-year-old, which he’s gonna have.” When asked if he’s helping Malik work on a solo career, Simon stated, “I can’t give anything away.”

As for the future of One Direction, Cowell commented, “I’ve always said to all of them, you know, the future’s bright for all of you, depending on what you wanna do. We always hoped One Direction would stay together for a long time, and my hunch is it still will. They’re just too good for everything to stop now.”

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