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Mother of six boys, Cher Lair, isn't just excited when she cuts into the gender reveal cake for her seventh child.

She is freaking ecstatic.

Mom of 6 Boys Reacts to Gender Reveal Cake

The Apex, North Carolina mother has given birth to not one, not two—but six boys.

With all six boys in tow, Cher cuts into the gender reveal cake.

Cher admits that she expected baby seven to be another boy:

"Initially, on baby three and four I'm thinking 'They'll be a girl at some point. They can't all be boys.' But after four and five and six, You're kinda thinking, yeah they can," said Lair.

But when she slices the cake, she is surprised to see a pink stripe instead of a blue one.

Then, all perfect things happen.

Cher immediately starts to cry and scream in excitement. As she steps backward and begins to collapse, what seems to be grandma catches her.

Sure, she loves her boys. But Cher states she is really excited to have some much needed girl time.

She says, "We're a boy house for sure. I want to have that mommy-daughter thing, to take her to Cinderella, for pedicures and manicures, and shop for a prom dress. I've wanted that.”

Not everyone is quite as excited as Cher though.

Her 5-year-old son isn’t happy about having a girl around.

"I ran out the door," he said. "I'm sick of girls.”

Cher is due in late August.

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