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Kate Middleton's due date is sometime this month, and that means the countdown to the new royal baby is on! While we don't know whether Prince George's sibling will be a boy or a girl, we do know the top baby names that are most likely being considered by Prince William and Kate. The moniker is an important one, since the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could end up as the king or queen of England one day. Just how likely is that? Well, as the second-born, the baby will be the "spare heir" behind Prince George, putting him or her fourth in line for the throne. Currently, Prince Charles stands first in line, and Prince William is second, making Prince George third and his yet-to-be-born sibling fourth. That bumps Prince Harry down to fifth, but it doesn't look like he minds at all, since he's been happy to take a backseat - and have more fun! - over the years.

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