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It’s never been hard to make fun of Jessica Simpson. In fact, her ditzy behavior is often considered to be part of her business plan.

However, Jessica’s loved ones aren’t laughing right now.

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The pop star has been known to kick back with a few drinks, or even get drunk on the red carpet to take of the edge. But things are getting serious.

So much that allegedly, her family initiated an intervention.

An initial report on Radar Online said Jessica, 34, has been abusing Adderall to help lose weight.

The report also claimed that Simpson is enjoying more than just the occasional cocktail.

Now, a source close to Simpson disclosed to In Touch that “Jess is in complete denial right now.”

The source also says that the intervention backfired when Jessica “made it clear that if anyone mentions her ‘problem’ again, they’ll be cut off.”

As the financial matriarch, Jessica carries considerable clout.

She may be the daughter, but the billion-dollar fashion mogul supports her parents, Joe and Tina, and her sister, Ashlee, not to mention her own husband and kids.

With the threat of losing their financial stability, “everyone is walking on pins and needles,” according to the source.

Jessica’s weight has been harshly criticized in the media after gaining 70 pounds during her first pregnancy.

Since then, she has lost weight. And though in various interviews she claims to love her body, her alleged addiction might suggest otherwise.

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